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One step at a time

It’s a journey, not a destination.

Let’s face it - we are not perfect, neither do we expect our team, customers or partners to be. However, we believe that everyone can embrace a kinder and more responsible approach to sustainability, wherever we are in the spectrum. Our approach is and has always been about the journey - one step at a time, toward a better world. We are asking the questions, educating ourselves, counting the costs and choosing to be better where we can, in ways we know how.

Sustainability can be fun, too.

That said, sustainability doesn’t need to always mean inconvenience. Here at The Paper Bunny, we believe that baby steps to sustainability can still come in easy-to-use, convenient, pleasurable and great looking ways. Choosing a reusable could save the earth from tons of single-use plastic a year, but it could also bring new colour, new habits and new light into your life.

Discover sustainability basics for everyday living

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    FSC-certified paper and soy inks

    Our mailing envelopes, paper bags, greeting cards, envelopes, notepads, desk planners and notebooks (from 2020 onward) are made with FSC-certified paper (containing 70% recycled materials). All of the inks used on our stationery materials are also made from soy, which breaks down more easily, is biodegradable and is friendlier toward the recycling process.

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    One packaging, many uses, many times

    Our tote bags, mini bags, tees and earrings are packed in reusable clear ziplock bags instead of single-use bags that are created for repurposing for other uses (such as holding your reusables on a daily basis).

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    A more conscious approach for production

    Where possible, we are choosing to use recycled materials to create new pieces, reducing the need to use raw materials and cut down on waste that gets sent to the incinerator. Some of our products made from recycled materials include our reusable bags, laptop cases, laundry bags, tote bags and mini bags.

Together, we do better.

Here are stories from our TPB community of individuals who have started on their sustainability journey. They shed light on what has worked and hasn't, the challenges no one talks about and best of all, the new light, new habits and new adventures found along the way.

  • Denise

    I really enjoy this journey of being more aware of what I use and consume, and how it affects our environment. Where possible, I cut down on single-use plastics, commute by public transport, and use makeup remover oil or balm to minimise single-use cotton pads.

    One of my favourite reusables would have to be the Stasher bags! I have them in multiple sizes and use them for storing food or toiletries, and I love the fact that I can easily wash the bags between uses. I also bring my mini TPB reusable bag wherever I go. I love that it is compact enough to fit in my tiny bags and is machine washable too!

    I'm looking forward to cultivating more sustainable daily habits for the long run.

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  • Shi Rui

    I honestly didn’t think much about sustainability until a research project in university showed me the staggering amount of plastic waste we produced on a yearly basis. It made me want to reduce my use of plastic bags in my daily life, and so I started my sustainability journey by using reusable bags.

    Living in my own place now has made it challenging to cut out plastic bags entirely as I need them to bag my trash. However a simple step like switching out disposable single-use plastic bags for a reusable sandwich bag is something I feel I can do and easily incorporate into my daily life. I frequently eat breakfast on the go and the sandwich bags have been a convenient alternative for me to live more sustainably! It's all about baby steps – one at a time.

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  • Amanda

    My sustainability journey required lots of intentionality and a willingness to invest my money into sustainable (and good quality) products. I believe there is never a shortcut or quick fix in changing the habits of my lifestyle, but small steps forward each day is better than no steps taken at all! I am also convinced that because human beings are intrinsically weaved and wonderfully created, I ought to care for the earth in the same manner. In caring for the earth, I care for myself too.

    One simple daily step I've taken is to bring my TPB reusable bags out. They are so compact and easy to carry around in my bags. This has saved me from taking unnecessary plastic bags so many times and it truly is a daily essential to have!

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