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2024 Planner Regular

SGD 36.50
SGD 42.90
or pay 3 installments of 
SGD 12.17
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Let the 2024 Planner take your plans from dreams to reality. Our 2024 Planner was made to be your constant companion through the year – An essential productivity tool designed to fit right into your work, gym and travel bags.

Featuring thoughtfully curated layouts for use all day and night: Keep your receipts and to-dos in one place, plan a trip on the go and document your thoughts in the wee hours. Watch the intangible take shape with the 2024 Planner.

Explore the full collection here.

[FULLY REDEEMED ONLINE] GIFT ON US: From 6 January 2024, receive a Gua Sha skincare tool for every order that includes the 2024 Planner. Limited quantities available and limited to 1 per order. Whilst stocks last.

Please note:

  • This is a final sale product, and returns, exchanges and cancellations are not permitted.
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