Little Book Of Otter Philosophy

SGD 18.00

Otters are some of the most delightful animals on the planet. These long, lean, furry creatures embody pure joy in so many ways – they live for napping, playing, making friends and eating, and forget about the rest. Pretty inspiring, right?

In a world that can often seem divided, lonely, and just plain cruel, the otter reminds us of what’s important in life.

What other animal:

  • Holds hands with their friends whilst napping so they don’t float away?
  • Communicates in a flurry of whistles, chirps, chuckles, clicks and coos?
  • Builds a waterslide on a daily basis?
  • Befriends other species, just because?
  • Eats food off their tummy while floating peacefully with their pals?

These intelligent, adorable, water-dwelling mammals have a lot to teach us about the way we live. So, kick back, grab a pal, dive in and reconnect with your playful side, just like you otter!

  • Binding: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 160
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