Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle 3-Pack

SGD 62.00

Matador FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottles are designed for minimalist travel and ultralight pursuits. 5x lighter and 3.5x more compact than traditional silicone travel bottles, they only take up as much space as their contents.

Also available as a 1-Pack Toiletry Bottle.

Note: This item is not intended for food/drink. Do not use with products that contain alcohols.

  • TSA approved
  • Large fill opening
  • Holds liquids, gels, and pastes
  • Made with waterproof 30D Cordura® ripstop nylon
  • Hypalon snap loop with write-in contents indication
  • Patented
  • Proprietary welded construction
  • Available in 1-pack or 3-pack
  • 5x lighter when compared to most silicone travel bottles
  • 3.5x more compact when compared to most silicone travel bottles when both contain enough contents for a 3-day trip (25ml)
  • Weight (per bottle): 0.41oz / 11.5g
  • Capacity (per bottle): 3oz / 90ml

Basic Use Instructions

  • Rinse before first use. Unscrew low-profile cap to access large fill opening. Squeeze bottle slightly from the sides to open up the bottle, then fill with any soap or paste. Screw cap on tightly to fully engage seal. Flip cap lid will align with the front of the bottle when properly tightened. Flip lid open to dispense contents. Write in contents on the snap loop with permanent marker.

Washing your FlatPak™ Bottles

  • Wash the bottle by hand only. Fill it with warm water and massage from the outside to clean the bottle. Do not wash the bottles in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Filling your FlatPak™ Bottles

  • Make sure the lid is screwed on completely after filling. When properly tightened, there will be no obvious gap between the bottle and the low-profile cap. The front of the flip cap should squarely align with the front of the bottle when fully tightened.
  • Your bottle will work with toothpaste! You can fill the bottle with toothpaste by firmly pressing the opening of the toothpaste tube against the large fill opening of your FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottle to form a seal. While firmly pressing the two ends together, squeeze the toothpaste tube so the contents are transferred into the FlatPak™ bottle.
  • To fill the bottle with normal fluids (shampoo, bodywash, etc.) first unscrew the low-profile cap to access the large fill opening. Then squeeze the fabric bottle from the sides to open up the cavity and and pump, squeeze, or pour the desired contents in through the large fill opening. You may need to shake the contents down to the bottom of the bottle a time or two during filling if the fluid has a high viscosity.
  • If the bottle still has a little fluid inside that is causing the fabric walls to stick together, simply pinch the fabric on opposing flat sides of the bottle and pull the walls apart to open up the bottle cavity for refilling.
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