Restorative Rituals

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This tidy volume is filled with simple, impactful ways to practice self-care and mindfulness, arranged into three chapters: Nurture, Release, and Expand. In Nurture, author Leslie Koren teaches readers to make a simple moisturizing face mask and do a loving-kindness meditation. In Release, she encourages readers to let go of what is weighing on them by having a solo dance party or tending to an altar. And in Expand, she invites readers to stargaze, perform a body appreciation ritual, chant a mantra, and learn the art of sound bathing. Each prompt includes straightforward instructions as well as ways to personalize and improvise the idea. Each chapter also includes its own series of yoga poses, and a “self-care kit” with recommendations for essential oils, crystals, incense, tea blends, and more.

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  • Binding: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 104

Length 14.0 cm, Height 17.8 cm 

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