Super Matcha Strawberry Cream Sand Biscuit

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Super Matcha's Latte Cream Sand Biscuit has a savoury milk and butter cream filling sandwiched between crispy Langue De Chat cookies made with organic matcha produced in Boseong. Elevate the tasting experience by topping your ice cream with the biscuits. Or simply enjoy the rich flavour of the matcha-infused biscuit with a glass of milk.

Also available in a Latte Cream flavour

Note: This item is only available for orders within Singapore.

Color: Super Matcha Strawberry Cream Sand Biscuit
  • Made with organic matcha produced in Boseong, Korea
  • Tea leaves were prepared specially to ensure that the matcha has a rich umami flavour with less bitterness compared to normal green tea leaves
  • Each box contains 10 individually packaged biscuits

Box is approximately: Length 22 cm, Width 4.3 cm, Height 9.4 cm

  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity
  • Consume immediately after opening the individually packaged biscuit
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